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Children’s Issues


If a couple has minor children, a judge will make every decision by first asking one question: “What is in the best interest of the child or the children?” That means that parents should start every issue from that same standpoint. You are only doing what a judge will later do, if both parents cannot come to an agreement.

Once you involve the State of Florida in your child’s life, many decisions are no longer yours alone to make. For instance, neither parent can move and take the children more than a certain distance from the marital home. Relocation is more difficult, and has certain facts that must be shown to a judge. Support is called Child Support because it belongs to the child, not the parents. The law requires a certain amount of support, and that must be paid correctly. Support and timesharing are NOT tied together, and cannot be used interchangeably: that is, one parent cannot refuse to pay support because the other parent is denying timesharing with the child. Likewise, a parent cannot stop timesharing because the other parent is behind in support payments. The two issues are separate, and not dependent upon each other.

Florida law tries to make sure each child gets contact or visitation with both parents. It is important for parents to focus on the needs and best interest of the children, not on disagreements with the other parent.