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No Fault Cases


If you have been in an accident, Florida requires that your No Fault or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) pay for your medical bills, lost wages and “services.”  Usually, this is $10,000 in coverage.  Insurance companies try to use lots of ways to limit or completely stop paying for your care or wages.  They may send you to have an examination by a doctor who is paid for by the insurance company.

There is nothing “independent” about that doctor or the purpose of the visit.  The sole reason is to the company can get a doctor to say your care should stop…or they can stop paying for it.

Insurance companies deny claims for as many reasons as they can.  They don’t make money paying out claims.  They make money by getting paid premiums and not paying it back out.  If your insurance company denies your claim or cuts you off from treating, fight it.  The insurance company pays your attorneys fees if you win.  Get ready to put yourself into the best position as early as possible.