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Debra Wilkinson Botwin
Attorney At Law

I am from Alabama, and I grew up on a farm in a small rural community in the northeast corner of the state. I went to junior college and transferred to the University of Alabama. I received my BA in Communications (Journalism) with a minor in Engineering. After getting my undergraduate degree, I went across campus to the School of Law. My college experience was shaped by a series of scholarships, part time jobs and achievements in both academic and social environments. I was Phi Beta Kappa in Undergraduate, as well as Omicron Delta Kappa, a leadership, honors and service organization. I practiced the lessons my parents taught me, and I worked hard. Now, I have been practicing law for more than 34 years, and have an Av rating by Martindale Hubbel. That means that professionally, I am rated as an “A” for professionalism and the “v” is for very ethical. This is important because those ratings are from my peers in the legal community. It is the highest level of rating available.
My legal career began in Orlando with a large state-wide law firm representing clients across the country. I defended some of the biggest insurance companies in America, as well as the largest manufacturer of cars in the nation. Doing this gave me an insight into how cases are evaluated, managed and treated by big corporations. Later in my career, I changed my practice to represent individuals and small businesses instead of large corporations. I have tried cases to juries and judges over the years, and I have experienced the changes to the legal system through the Covid 19 pandemic. Many changes have been positive, and have made getting before a judge more accessible though virtual means.
Going before a judge is powerful. And it is terrifying. A stranger decides details about your life that are very personal. I have learned that not everyone wants or needs a judge to decide their disputes. Some do, and I have been honored to be entrusted with that responsibility. I prepare to present each client’s best case in court. However, if a client does not want or need a judge to make deeply personal decisions about the client’s life, then I explore other options to make that possible. Every client and every case is different. I have the insight, knowledge and skill to evaluate your case and help you get the best solution for you and your family.