Estate Planning

Wills & Trusts

Wills & Trusts

Estate documents are vitally important to everyone. If your family is grieving, it is very difficult for them to have to untangle legal affairs after the death of a loved one. This is especially true if there is little or no planning.

Our office works diligently to properly establish the framework your family will need if you suddenly are not there. There are several different types of estate documents and not everyone needs the same ones. I will guide you through what you need to have your legal and business affairs handled to make the future easier on your loved ones.

Every client’s personal situation affects the best decisions for the right estate planning documents. The right process can make all the difference when it counts.

We will give you guidance on Wills, Trusts, Durable Power of Attorney, and Living Wills. We also work with clients who may need Health Care Surrogates and Designation of Pre-Need Guardian. We carefully explain the differences in these various documents and when to use them. Getting all of your affairs in order in advance is the most loving act that can be done for your family.

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