The first part of the year is generally a busy time for family law attorneys. There’s something about turning the page of a new year that makes people eager to pick up their power and make changes. Some may choose to leave what has been an ongoing bad situation. Some may choose just to get educated on what happens during the process, and what can be done to make it as smooth as possible.

My observation is that people hang on to relationships through the holidays, hoping that either things will change and be better, or that they will give one last good holiday to their children. Many times, this is not the case. Children can sense their parents’ tension, and there can be disagreements and ugliness because of the stress and the expectations. Sometimes, clients will even discuss how they have stayed married “for the children.” Then, when they finally tell their children that they have decided to get a divorce, the children are the first ones to sigh in relief. The children will tell their parents that they are glad that their parents have a chance for more happiness. Your children usually know when the energy in your home is argumentative or even hostile. They may not hear the words, but they can pick up on the tone and energy.

If you’ve decided that he would like to become educated about Florida law, that will be your first step in trying to get the best information possible to make a good decision.

You will know if, and when you should make a change in your life. I will help you through the process and make a difficult situation as easy as possible.